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We were for​ fortunate enough that Project Teacher was in a position to immediately respond to the needs in our community through providing Ready At Home learning kits for students all across our area. These kits, packed with the essential supplies needed for learning at home, were distributed in at lunch feeding sites, in schools, and other locations.


Our immediate efforts allowed us to help quickly meet a need, but we realize our response will be much more long-term. We have developed a phased plan to ensure that our students, teachers, and schools are equipped and empowered to learn. 


These kits have been distributed at many sites across our area and we continue to fill gaps as needed. 


Teachers are not merely teaching in a virtual classroom, they are teaching in the midst of an unprecedented crisis and are serving as counselors, cheerleaders, coaches, and as a familiar voice for many kids who are uncertain about the future and filled with anxiety that this pandemic has produced. Teachers are STILL working long hours and are STILL trying to adjust to the changing landscape of education and therefore STILL stressed and overwhelmed. Our Phase Two is designed to help meet the emotional and social needs of teachers through this season. We will accomplish this through Teacher Appreciation events and, when allowed, pop-up shopping throughout the community. 


We are aware the economic impact for many families is greater than we realize and the need will be even larger during the Back to School season. Because of this, we will be equipping more teachers with the supplies they need to kick off their new academic year, as well as providing resources and supplies to families in our community through backpack giveaways and supply drives. 


The crisis wasn't planned, but the response was critical. While depleting our core supply inventory and impacting our non-designated giving, we understood the importance of stepping up and changing our "normal" model so we could best serve our community.


Our need is greater than it has ever been. While we have been able to distribute more supplies than normal, we understand that it will still not be enough. So, to continue our COVID-19 relief efforts, we are partnering with individuals, corporations, and partners to DOUBLE OUR IMPACT. We encourage you to consider how you can give to help in our efforts. You can give at ProjectTeacher.Org/Donate or if you are not able to give but have Facebook, you can start a fundraiser online. As a teacher, you may want to share your "story of need" to help inspire others to give. 


What is exciting, is that ALL DONATIONS given will be DOUBLED thanks to the generosity of a local donor and partner.


We are also working to secure in-kind donations of CORE SUPPLIES like paper, pencils, crayons, and more. Please contact for more details. 

You can help us DOUBLE our impact. We are in this TOGETHER. 

Terry Johnson

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