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We anticipate RECORD-BREAKING numbers for our registration this year and our goal is to make sure that you are able to come shop at Project Teacher! In order to do this, it is important that you follow our “Pro Tips” below.



We will typically notify eligible teachers of our upcoming shop times via email. We will use the preferred email you provided during registration (THIS EMAIL). We will utilize our social media sites to post our larger events open to anyone or special events.



We email teachers when there are upcoming shopping times and they can reserve a spot/time to come. We will email teachers in "waves". This is a first-come/first-served opportunity, and times fill up VERY QUICKLY.


Emails will be sent by us but are sent through EventBrite (our ticketing service). You will need to FULLY register through EventBrite and you will receive a UNIQUE QR code. This is your ticket and by receiving the QR code, you have successfully reserved your shop time.


You are only allowed ONE ticket. If we see that multiple codes have been reserved, we will remove (refund)  your name from all additional codes (over the one allowed). This is so we can accommodate as many teachers as possible. Please do not reserve for other teachers.


YOU HAVE TO HAVE A QR CODE TO COME SHOP!!!! Many times, teachers will just show up at a shopping event because a co-worker has invited them. Due to the high number of registered teachers, we can not allow shopping for teachers who do not have a QR Code. If there are open shopping spots, we will work off a waiting list. Inviting additional shoppers with you WITHOUT permission may result in you, the additional sponsor, and even your entire school building losing eligibility to shop. 



The QR code is your ticket. If you do not receive a QR code, you have not fully registered and will not be allowed to shop. This is VERY IMPORTANT so we can accommodate as many ELIGIBLE/REGISTERED teachers as possible.



Teachers can come twice per year. We suggest coming once a semester.



Due to how our program and affiliation works, we try to keep shopping open for Full-Time Classroom teachers, Librarians/Media Specialists, Specials (Art/Music/PE) Teachers, Full-Time Special Education Classroom Teachers, and occasionally other instructional staff. 


Substitute teachers, para-professionals, student-teachers, secretaries/clerks, etc. are not eligible to shop at Project Teacher. We will have special events like warehouse-clearing events or large distribution events that anyone employed within a school will be eligible to participate.



Our goal is to be open every week for regular shopping hours. This CAN ONLY happen with the help of the community. We need product and financial donors in the community to help our shelves stay stocked. Help us tell our story to anyone you know so that we can make this a reality during THIS SCHOOL YEAR!



Shopping for the 2019-20 schoolyear will begin in September with some soft openings events in late August after report week. We hope to see you soon!


For more questions, contact us at

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